Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Welcome! College Go Week
Our kids love talking about the future and also love talking about their favorite colleges and jobs (which a lot of times have to do with what their parents like!) lol...

Activities during the week:

1. A "Job Talk Walk" discovery walk will be created for students to visit with their classroom teachers. Students will raise flaps around the school on numbered sites to learn more about the income, working conditions, educational background, and employment outlook for various hot jobs. Many will be situated near travel hot spots (ie. restrooms, cafeteria, etc.) 

2. A "Guess Where I Went to College" wall will be created for students to visit. Students will raise flaps on numbered sites to learn more about where faculty/staff as well as other famous or prominent figures attended college and their courses of study. This will be located on the wall outside the gym. 

3. Dress according to the theme each day! Mon. September 25
“College Colors and Gear Day”
Kick off the week by supporting your favorite college or university by wearing the colors and/or spirit wear of the school. 

Tues. September 26
“When I Grow Up…Day”
Dress for school as you would if you were going to the job chosen for your future.  
Wed. September 27
“Dress for Success Day
Dress as you would for a scholarship or job interview. 
(*Please note this is also Grand Friends’ Day and your Grand Friend may like a photo with you today when choosing attire for the day.) 

Thur. September 28 
“My Future is Bright Day”
Wear something bright or neon to show you can follow your college or career path dreams. 
(*Please note this is also Grand Friends’ Day and your Grand Friend may like a photo with you today when choosing attire for the day.) 

Fri. September 29
“B.E.A.R.S. Friday”
Your postsecondary and career future STARTS HERE! Wear your TCE spirit wear and 

4. Lessons by our student support advisor (counselor) on College Go Week! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ohana Day

On Friday, students are asked to wear their Hawaiian clothing or TC Bear clothing to be representative of how we are all a big "family"! Please encourage your child to do this.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fry Lists

Here are the Fry Lists we will use throughout the year. They are responsible for Fry List 2 and will be tested the second Friday in December. They need to be able to read and write the words!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Job Share? What? Why? When?

Mrs. Hanger & Mrs. Waterstraat

When??  Job Share 2016-2017

Why?? We are both so passionate about teaching and want to continue to help young learners grow and be inspired throughout their educational journey....But we also want to spend more time with our little learners at home (Mrs. Hanger has an almost 2 year old and 4 year old and Mrs. Waterstraat has a 9 month old). There are many job share teams in the state and nation and this was an option that was thoroughly explored and decided a great option.

What? Job shares can be split in a multitude of ways. Our job share is a half day split. We wanted to have our kids see us every day and we wanted the responsibilities to be evenly split so that we each were responsible for specific subjects and can KNOW your child specifically in those subjects.

Mrs. Hanger's Day:
7:45-11:45: Reading, Writing, Language (Health and Social Studies will be integrated into reading)

Mrs. Waterstraat's Day:
11:15-3:15: Math, RTI Block, Science (Some Social Studies will be integrated into science and/or math if applicable)

11:15-11:45 Collaboration - While your child is finishing up specials and starting lunch and recess, we will be collaborating on how the day has progressed or what transpired the previous day. This will help us stay in line with behavior and just general needs of your child.

We will both be present at study trips, Back to School Night, conferences, and any other pertinent meetings. We will also both CC each other on emails and make an effort to make parent phone calls together during our 11:15-11:45 collaboration time.

The benefits for your child: two enthusiastic and passionate teachers working together to help your child grow in all aspects of his or her education. Two teaching styles that can collaborate and problem solve to always have a plan to help your child. Two teachers that are focused on their subject areas and of course FUN.....we are going to have some major fun together with your child.

So...we hope you are as excited as we are!!! We'll see you soon! :)

If you have questions, please email AND
Phone number: 219.696.5740 and our extension is 1884.

Mrs. Hanger & Mrs. Waterstraat

Monday, June 2, 2014

Update on MyOn Reading Program from Indiana Department of Education


Capstone Digital and the Indiana Department of Education’s- Hoosier Family of Readers is proud to inform you your school will have an opportunity to access the largest collection of enhanced digital books called myON for the summer!

 This library of  enhanced digital books provide optional multimedia scaffolds, including professionally-recorded audio, text highlighting, and an embedded dictionary to support student reading at all levels. With myON books, every student can have access to more than 7,000 diverse titles, which they can rate, review, record in their own book lists, and recommend to others. The myON platform allows students to take ownership of their reading interests and literacy growth.

As a family in your school, through the Hoosier Family of Readers, you will be provided FREE access to myON books. myON will provide you with thousands of enhanced digital books that can be read anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.  myON is also mobile on the iPAD, Android Devices, Kindle Fire HD as well as Chrome books. 

myON, through the Hoosier Family of Readers will give your families the opportunity to spend time with their children in an engaging, fun reading environment to build reading stamina and fluency. Create “your family of readers” and engage your students all summer long.

To get started and access myON, please follow the steps below:
1.     Go to web address    
2.     Click on the myON Books Icon
3.     School name is: Hoosier Family of Readers (start typing and it will populate)
(Username and password are both the same)
4.     Username-read
5.     Password-read

Find books that are appropriate for your student.  There are books for all ages, so please encourage your students to read just right books for them!  For more information, go to Indiana Department of Education- Hoosier Family of Readers. 

Thanks again for your time and have a good day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

To say THANK YOU for all that our United States troops do for us and have done for us, students made Thank You letters for our troops. We will be sending these out to thank the ladies and gentlemen who fight for our country.

Buh-Bye Butterflies! :)

We let our butterfly friends go on Friday. We had five butterflies that we observed go through the full life cycle. Students were super excited to see the butterflies flutter about and go wild when they escaped their observation station.