Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Main Idea Circle Map

We have been working on main idea and supporting details. Together, we made a main idea circle map about the beach. Students then worked in small groups to come up with a main idea topic and add supporting details. Here is the one we did together. After they completed their circle map, I put them on the projector and covered up the main idea. Students had to guess what it was based on the supporting details. Students'  topics were Halloween, Christmas, Santa Clause (you can see what they are ready for), Chicago, and a few other topics.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Scholastic Pajama Drive

Students wanted to do something in the community service realm. This is an optional service activity. This website for Scholastic gives a ton of information on what they do with the pajamas if you would like to look more into it: Scholastic Pajama Drive

Here is a part of the parent letter:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Great Resource from Indiana Department of Education

Title: Hoosier Family of Readers...A note from Superintendent Glenda Ritz
Teachers, I hope you have let your students know about Indiana's Hoosier Family of Readers summer reading initiative. Please show your  students the IDOE web pagehttp://www.doe.in.gov/hoosierreaders. While on this web page, it would be great if you could demonstrate to students how they have access to 3,000 online books (free) through an IDOE partnership with MyON. The goal for the initiative is for students to identify their Hoosier Family of Readers and read each day throughout the summer.  A reading family can be any combination of caring adults and children.  IDOE is partnering with over 164 organizations including libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs, scout troops, schools, churches, United Way and other non-profits state wide.  Organizations are being empowered to include reading within their summer programs. In addition, our summer nutrition programs will feature an Eat & Read opportunity in many locations.


Visit: myon.com/login/
School Name: Hoosier Family of Readers, Indiana Department of Education
Username: read
Password: read 


Our community has a "Dreaming Green" theme this year and we partnered with Lake County's Waste Management. The Green Team came out to talk to the students about composting. Here is a picture of us looking at the worms and their segments under a microscope. Students also worked with their own individual microscope to look at the worms and learn about composting.

Global Read Aloud

We had our first Skype session for Global Read Aloud with Mrs. Linton's class in South Carolina! We talked about our rural town versus their city! Students learned about their school and we told them about ours! Next time we will discuss our global read aloud book, Marty McGuire!