Friday, February 28, 2014

NFL Sponsored My Grant!!! :)

I had recently written a grant on Donor's Choose for more movement materials for Minds-in-Motion. Wasn't I surprised when I opened my email last night and saw that the National Football League had sponsored and donated my entire grant! All $415!! :) How cool is that!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Iditarod - The Last Greatest Race on Earth

YAY!!! It's here! The Iditarod begins this coming weekend!! :) We will have our Iditarod Kick-Off tomorrow at school!

We will kick off the Iditarod race with an Iditarod read aloud, teaching students how to use our interactive musher board pictured below. Students will choose a musher, make a musher "moving stick" with the picture and information from the internet and use it to manipulative the interactive board, moving their musher according to the current standings each day. Then we will introduce the all-inspiring BALTO! :) They always love the dogs the most! Students will also create pennants later in the day for their musher. We also get Scooby Doo snacks to celebrate the day!

Check out our IditaRead activity that goes along with our unit study. The letter and log were adapted from the Educators portion of

Official Iditarod Website