Brain Research in our Classroom!


We are a Minds-in-Motion classroom! In the 2012-2013 school year, I wrote a grant to attend a workshop titled Minds-in-Motion. The Tri-Creek Education Foundation ( granted my request and off I went to the workshop! Needless to say, I was amazed at the amount of brain research poured into this program. Please check out the program at

All second graders receive Minds-in-Motion for 10-15 minutes a day at TC! :) Woohoo!

Please check out this video about Minds-in-Motion  Minds-in-Motion Video


WE LOVE BRAIN BREAKS! One of our favorite things to do when things may seem a little slow is take a movement based break. Some of our favorites come from and of course our favorite of all is the Cha - Cha slide!


Article titled: Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD - interesting read


Stability Balls - WittFitt balls are exercise stability balls that are specifically designed to be used in a classroom environment. Students will be given WittFitt balls to sit on instead of chairs. The use of the WittFitt stability balls will allow the students constant motion without causing a disturbance to their learning. Using stability balls in a classroom setting enhances students’ attention and concentration, improves learning through movement, and improves blood flow to the body—especially the brain. Through this project, three first grade classrooms and one fifth grade classroom will benefit. This project promotes academic excellence and wellness among the students and enhances the attention of the students to get the most of their time spent at school.

To get more information on Wittfitt Balls visit

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