This website has TONS of grant websites and information. GO HERE!! :) 

There are many great companies and groups of people out there who do support education. Typically they offer grants for education. The following are either grant options that I have out there that can be donated to or are grants that I have received and I want to let the world know! 

This is Class Wish List: anyone can donate to a wishlist I have created that would benefit our classroom. The materials that you may donate to are for books, science materials, and assistive technology. 

I have had tremendous support with Tri-Creek Education Foundation.
Mission Statement of T-CEF: The mission of the Tri-Creek Education Foundation, Inc. is to encourage community philanthropy in order to promote and fund excellence and innovation in education for all school-age children residing within Eagle Creek, Cedar Creek, and West Creek Townships in Lake County, Indiana.

The following grants I have received are from T-CEF:
2011-2012:  I wrote this grant for stability balls from the company Wittfitt ( with three other teachers: Linsey Waterstraat, Joanna Tinich, and Kelly Smith. Please visit the website to check it out. 

2012-2013: I wrote a grant to go to a training for Mind-in-Motion ( This workshop helped me to understand how to use brain research in the classroom. I have more information on my Brain Research in the Classroom tab up top. Here are some pictures of the brain-based learning maze. 
2013-2014 - I received a TCEF grant for Versatiles (
Versatiles provide hands-on learning activities in every subject area. Check out the link for more information. 

2014-2015 - Granted money toward a field trip to Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago
granted money for six Osmo games sets

2015-2016 - Granted six deskcycles - 

2012-2013 Donor's Choose: This site is one in which educators go on and make a wish. Then donors from across the country, people who want to support education, get on and donate to grant ideas. I received one last year for books for my students that met their interest levels. 
2013-2014: Minds-in-Motion materials - one full donor - NFL - Play 60 donated the entire amount!!!

IPEVO Wishpool: This is super cool! They put up a product at the beginning of each month. Within ten days, you know if you received your wish or not! I've already received an IPEVO document camera and microscope adapter. Super Cool!
2013-2014 - granted a microscope adapter
2013-2014 - granted an ipod/iphone stand 
2014-2015 - granted ipad pillow, ipad case with keyboard
2015-2016 - granted supercharge for ipad/iphone

Other Places to Write Grants:

This site offers "garden" grants:

You create a wish and post it, donors then give to your project.

Target offers several different grants: literacy, field trip, scholarships:

NEA Foundation - up to $5000 grants Deadlines for applications are due February 1, June 1, and October 15.

ING Unsung Heroes Grants for Educators: Up to $2,000 grants as well as grants up to $25,000, $10,000 and $5,000 for the top picks.

Indiana Farm Bureau Opportunities - Ag in the Classroom :

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